Aphrodite’s Bakery and Patisserie

The only bakery and Patisseries in Nissaki and for a few miles, Aphrodite’s Bakery and Patisserie has with the daily fresh bread a wide range of assorted Greek sweets, cakes and biscuits. These include:

Fresh breadCroissants


CroissantsFresh croissant every day are waiting for to make your breakfast an enjoyable experience

Freshly made sandwiches

Aphrodite’s sandwiches has been famous throughout the years for their rich content and amazing appearance. They are freshly made with what ever you would select and sometimes reaching the energy value of a complete meal

Cheese, apple and Corfiot nut pie

Do not miss the chance to taste the Corfiot products. Cheese, apple and especially nut pies, are mostly beloved by the locals. It is not a surprise that in Corfu a good cook is know from the success the nut pie he or she make.

Cakes for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries

Cakes for birthdays, weddings and anniversariesGreek ‚?ėBavlava‚?ô, ‚?ėKataifi‚?ô

Should you require wedding, birthday and other anniversary cakes, we can arrange this for you, with a wide selection of cakes rarely found and adjusted to the special occasion.

Greek ‘Bavlava’, ‘Kataifi’

Typical traditional Greek sweets can also be found, for those that would like to take a sweet memory back home with them.

For any enquiries just send an e-mail to, or go to the enquiries page to help you do so.
Call at +30 26630 91201, or send a fax: +30 26630 91451

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