Aphrodite’s Flower Shop

In the flower shop you will find fresh flowers every day. Of any arrangement you would like.

Ready flower arrangements and Bouquets Variety of fresh flowers

Ready flower arrangements and Bouquets

A selective arrangement of flowers and Bouquets, prepared every day with fresh flower, for those that would like a quick but lovely selection for a gift or a social visit.


Villa and apartment decorations


Should you require your villa to be decorated with flowers, prior to your arrival, or for any other special occasion, while you are in Corfu, Aphrodite will be glad to do this with a personal touch and taste.

Wedding decorations

ChristeningsOne reason to come to Corfu, is to get married. Corfu is one of the most famous locations for wedding ceremonies. Thus there many professional people that would help you arrange everything. Aphrodite can arrange all the flower wedding decorations for you, with respect to your dream of a very special ceremony.

Decorations for surprises / special occasions like birthdays.

Furthermore, any other kind of flower decorations can be arrange, either for birthday, golden or any other anniversaries.


For any enquiries just send an e-mail to, or go to the enquiries page to help you do so.
Call at +30 697 1542833, or send a fax: +30 26630 91451

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